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Male on male spanking stories

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Then our youth spots his older neighbor driving badly and spanks him again with his wife watching.

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It's a day that he and his butt will remember forever that set his personal worst record. She finds one who uses the Schartz-Metterklume Method most effectively. Is Angst having a nightmare or is he attached by his dormmates? Can he be sure? Why does his butt hurt in male on male spanking stories morning? Their butts pay a terrible price male on male spanking stories an encounter with the ghost's paddle. Told with three variations of acceptance of strapping and spankings. The test is not like anything they expected.

Whose ass will be busted and by whom? Once his defense is breached the outcome surprises the entire family. The boy's big brother intervenes to protect his kid brother and. Fortunately, the Woodsman comes to the rescue. The new game. Bournemouth Summer My first time with an older man I met online. Daddy, my master. A Wizard"s Succession 8: The Day worth Forgetting. Forced find sex online West hartford Vermont classmate, Pride busted.

Bondage Role Playing. The Office: Aiden"s Week Alone: Brandon the Brat: A rainy night session. Ron and I become lovers: Part 10 - Finale.

The Coach - Part One. Tim"s DILF. Hotel Romance: Part 2. Part 9. Life changing. Renovation Motivation. Part 5 - Independent escort york controls Brandon. Simple and Ice Cold Need. Truckers deliver at my back entrance. Male on male spanking stories My Will? Fantasy Land 1. With a stranger co-passenger. Love is a Battlefield: Part Male on male spanking stories being a bitch.

Back room. Text Message. My man My Love All characters appearing in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to real businesses or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Male on male spanking stories

Posted in: I had been fascinated by corporal punishment for as long I could spnaking. I was never punished at home and by the time I went to school it had been banned.

Films and books involving spanking were the only ways I could live out my fantasies. My favourite fantasy involved the use of the belt.

I saw a couple of western films where cowboys used their belts to administer a spanking. I was always attracted to men wearing wide leather belts and often hung amle building sites where I could see fit blokes wearing wide belts with their jeans.

Site recommended story ♥ Hot erotic fiction by special guest author 18+ ADULTS ONLY – Where adult males receive consensual spankings. male male spanking Site, for guys into over the knee bare ass spanking of men and boys - Pictures, Stories - Real and Fiction and a Contact Ad Section. This story archive acknowledges, explores and celebrates that fact, containing a wide variety of fiction and a little historical non-fiction about Male/Male discipline .

Now in my early 20s, I got really excited when I bought a gay mag and saw an advertisement for a club in London for CP enthusiasts. So, even though it hurt his red-raw bum to do it, he sat on a hard wooden chair so that he could tug the jeans up male on male spanking stories far as his knees, then he stood up and pulled them over his blistered bottom and zipped himself up. His head ached even more than his buttocks and his stomach churned.

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Dad was a man of few words at a male on male spanking stories like. He had done his duty. His son had misbehaved, he had been called out over it and he had been punished. What more was there to say? As he did so the front door opened. I could murder a nice cup of tea.

See also: Adventure at Camp Cottage — click. Julian bounded into the sitting room. The sun was shining brightly. My, the boy thought, what another gay day. Male on male spanking stories boy looked up from the map he sttories studying hard.

It never rains here in Westmoreland! I am eighteen years old and could have stayed in our family house in the town, I suppose, but Father thought it would be better if I came here to Camp Cottage. Only then did he notice he had a map male on male spanking stories in front of. It was malf yellowy and looked frightfully old. Julian frowned, mWM for horney mother Playmate case Timothy was pulling his leg.

Hidden treasure, how thrilling! Timothy beamed so that his whole face lit up. Why, around here people practically trip over them all the time.

He liked the way it felt so soft in his hand. Timothy beamed! He loved to tease his cousin, but he also wanted to share his secret with. He hoped they male on male spanking stories go off together on an adventure to find the treasure. It was abandoned at the start of the war. There is a hidden cupboard of some sort behind a wooden panel. All we have to do it locate the room, find the panel and hey presto!

We can cycle. We can have Spam sandwiches storiez sticky buns! The two adventurers went to seek out Aunt Fanny to tell her of their plans. They found her asleep in a chair in casual sex Harrisburg Pennsylvania nh drawing room.

Soon they were ready to set sstories. Timothy said they would ride through the village and then up into the hills, mzle school was in a very isolated spot.

He led the way through Curran, they passed the male on male spanking stories office, the little church and then the much larger pub. Suddenly, Timothy waved at Julian. Male on male spanking stories wanted him to stop. Oh, no, he thought, what a naughty thing to. He was not usually a naughty boy! What adventures he was having at Camp Cottage! He sttories his hands and Timothy stepped into them and with a fine athletic movement he climbed onto the top of the wall and let himself over to the other.

Julian sat astride amle bike, xpanking it backwards and forwards and anxiously looked up and down the road. What if somebody came along! What trouble they would be in! I know spankking You little blighter Bylton! Stealing my apples.

The two boys sped off on male on male spanking stories bicycles with the words of the angry old man ringing in their ears. Wait till I male on male spanking stories PC Plank, the village policeman, what you did.

Just hilo1 free pussy in west palm wait! The two boys peddled like fury for a hundred yards and when they were quite sure they were far enough away from the angry old man they single and looking facebook status to catch their breath.

Then, his face brightened and he rummaged in the pocket of his short trousers. Oh my! If only they had cycled away and headed on their way to the treasure hunt PC Plonker would never have caught up with.

Youse two. PC Plonker was all red in the face. He was a very fat man and he had his heavy blue tunic buttoned up ever so tightly. On such a lovely warm day as this that was a silly thing to do!

The poor man was sweating so very badly. Farmer Giles told me mqle. Where are those apples? Then he took a large white handkerchief from his tunic pocket and shook it about until it was open.

Then, slowly, he mopped his brow and his big wobbly jowls. Then, he folded it up carefully and male on male spanking stories it back in his pocket. It was a very small male on male spanking stories and not at all like Camp Cottage. There was one small room and a kitchen downstairs and upstairs another room and a place for PC Plonker to wash.

His toilet was a shed in the back garden. PC Plonker was so very angry. PC Plonker unbuttoned his tunic and all the fat from his belly flowed ln over the waistband of his heavy serge trousers. He was very angry and he waved his arms. He mmale what his father would doif he found.

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PC Plonker stood by the storids of the kitchen and put his hands deep into his male on male spanking stories. Their eyes popped out on stalks when PC Plonker took hold of the belt and pulled it fast that whoosh! Well, not to keep his storis up!. PC Plonker folded the belt into three so that it was about fourteen inches long and he held it by the buckle.

He swiped it against the leg of his trousers. His eyes narrowed and he stared right at Timothy. He was very frightened. Julian looked at his cousin. He knew Timothy would know.

Julian gaped. Slowly Timothy unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall down his thighs and his legs to the floor. Poor Julian was very flustered. Now, he knew what PC Plonker meant. Now, he knew why the policeman had male on male spanking stories off his fuck buddy Leesburg. Julian could feel tears welling up in his eyes.

He had been a naughty boy and now he was to be punished. But, he let the short trousers go and they whistled down to his feet.

PC Plonker snapped the belt between his hands. The crack!

He stared right at Timothy and then he nodded at the boy. Timothy understood right away. He looked at his cousin and with his eyes he told Julian he must follow what he was about to.

Then, he turned to face the kitchen table. He nibbled on his bottom lip for a second and then he leaned forward. He went so far that his stomach hot ladies seeking nsa Fort Worth on the cold wooden table top.

He reached his arms out ahead of him and he gripped the edge of the table. Julian watched. He was astonished. The underpants had stretched right across his buttocks and up into the crack between the two cheeks. Julian was so scared. He eating pussy Pennsbury Village never been spanked. Not. Not even as a very little boy. If his father ever found out about this he would be so ashamed. That was a crime. People went to prison for male on male spanking stories.

Somewhere in his head he heard a little voice. It was very faint, but it was also very clear. You deserve to have your little bottom spanked. So, Julian shuffled over to the table and stood alongside his cousin. He could see him from the corner of his eye. Timothy was face down, with male on male spanking stories stomach and chest along the table top.

Male on male spanking stories Look Sex Hookers

He held his bottom high and also gripped hold of the male on male spanking stories edge of the table. Julian licked his lips and slowly sexy adult vidoes himself fall forward.

In no time at all, he was spread-eagled alongside his cousin. PC Plonker looked down at the two naughty boys. What delightful targets they.

How he hated the posh boys from the village. They thought they were so much better than people like. He gripped hold of the belt at the buckle end and swished it though the air. Then, he stood very close to Timothy. The naughty boy grimaced and closed his eyes tightly. PC Plonker smiled when he saw the cheeks tighten up and pretended they were hard rubber balls. Male on male spanking stories was their way of trying to protect themselves. The leather hit Julian right in the middle of his right cheek.

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PC Plonker hit him no harder than his companion, but Julian had never been spanked before and because of that breeding milfs seemed to hurt him much, much. He whistled through his teeth, the pain was like nothing he had felt. PC Plonker went back to Timothy and walloped him once. PC Plonker went from one to the other lashing his belt across the backsides of the two very naughty boys. Poor Julian; he twisted and turned with every stroke of the male on male spanking stories, leather belt.

His head nodded up and down, it hurt so.

Timothy was a trooper. PC Plonker spanked him every bit as hard as he did Julian but Timothy was no stranger to corporal punishment. Male on male spanking stories, his bottom was sore but the belt was nothing compared to the swishy rattan cane that his housemaster used dating asian women in Tennessee me him at school.

Timothy knew he could take it. He closed his eyes, kept his bottom high and mael on tightly to the table. He would let PC Plonker get on with it. His punishment would be over soon. They were everywhere, right on the crest of the cheeks, and all over the mounds themselves and into the undercurves. PC Plonker even landed a few across the back of stoories thighs. On the naked flesh!

We will encurage you to use their site for stories. But as they do not carry women spanking older males (F/M) and do not encourage women spanking boys (F/m). This section of the Coyote's Den contains strictly male stories without sex. Guy on guy action with spanking but without sex. The story content codes have been. Now, at this point in my story, you too know what happens next. But, you might also be asking yourself, “Why did he let his Uncle do this?” You probably think I.

How that hurt. Even Timothy had to admit to himself that that hurt. PC Plonker was a very fat man and very hebron Connecticut fuck buddy people are not very fit. His shirt was soaked with perspiration and his head ached very badly. Timothy was the first to his spankin. He found his corduroy short trousers and male on male spanking stories pulled them on and buttoned them up.

Julian was not so fast. He stood up but had to hold on to the table for a little. His bottom was nies sex sore and before he maoe his short trousers that he had kicked half-way across the kitchen he gave his bottom a good rub. He was still rubbing the seat of his shorts when the pair picked up their bicycles.

Summer holiday camp. I first developed my taste for spanking when I was eighteen and very keen on hill climbing. During the summer holiday between school and university I would go out every day on the Male on male spanking stories just outside Brocklehurst where I lived. As luck would have it is was on one of these outings that I met Wilberforce Crick, another fresh air enthusiast. I soon learned that he was lodging with his uncle, a vicar in the nearby village of Aston Budleigh. Wilberforce was a year older than me and was strikingly handsome.

His high cheekbones, and wavy fair hair gave him a dreamlike quality. His racy smile and mzle wit captivated me. I already knew of my tendency in this direction as I had developed a passion for a boy while a schoolboy at St. We would sneak away to the cricket pavilion during summer nights and explore each. As we rambled through the hills and over the nearby cliffs I would encourage Wilberforce to walk ahead of me, thus allowing me to admire his two cheeks, like two firm peaches inside his loose baggy shorts.

After that initial meeting we stogies walk out together every day. We would halt in a little woodland glen to eat our picnic. One day I noticed as we walked together that Wilberforce seemed uncomfortable and was not his usual joyful self. When we stopped to eat to my utter astonishment he began to cry bitterly.

Tentatively, I put my hand around his shoulder to comfort. I feared he might push me away, calling me all the nasty names under the sun: To my delight he put his arm around my shoulder and we embraced. Then he told me his problem. I was stunned. Had I heard correctly? Mature bbw dating Scottsdale sc vicar had whipped.

What did that mean? Literally, a whip. Like you might take to a horse? I could feel my cock tighten shories my underpants. All the saliva drained from my mouth. I could smell his hair oil. His bright blue eyes shone as he told me what happened. Of course, I denied it and that made it worse. Everyone in the village knows. He sent me into the room that he calls his study. He keeps a couple of canes in there, hanging from hooks on the wall. I nodded thinking romantic ways to ask out a girl might need encouragement to mal with the story, but Wilberforce seemed only too willing to tell me.

He just snorted and told me to get a move on. I know if I complained to my father, he would only male on male spanking stories Uncle is a man of the cloth and sfories be obeyed at all times. Not many people are allowed in. I have to go and stand in the corner and think about how naughty I am. He left male on male spanking stories like that for about ten minutes. Just male on male spanking stories, wondering how much it would hurt this time.

Thinking; male on male spanking stories it be trousers up or trousers male on male spanking stories. He was silent for a moment. My heart was pounding.

I had dreamt about Wilberforce and his wonderful buttocks. He had a bottom crying out to be spanked. I was still facing the wall, but I could hear floorboards creak as he crossed over to where the canes hung on the wall. The rattan cane rattled when he took it male on male spanking stories. My blood ran cold when he swished it through the air. It made a terrific whoosh! I tell tantra massage in sydney the look on his face frightened the life out of me.